Energy Manager, Property Management, Netherlands

Employment Type:  Permanent
Location:  Netherlands

The Role


As the Energy Manager, you will play a crucial role in optimizing energy and cost efficiencies, along with sustainability for all Mapletree’s assets across the European portfolio.  Working closely with the in-house Property Management and Asset Management teams, you will be responsible for designing, implementing, and managing energy management strategies, conducting energy audits, and identifying areas for improvement. The ideal candidate will have a strong background in energy management, excellent analytical and problem-solving skills, and a passion for reducing energy consumption and environmental impacts.

Job Responsibilities


  • •    Manage energy procurement (gas, electricity and water) across the European portfolio.  Define the strategy, appoint and manage brokers and look at opportunities to reduce cost and implement consumption-reduction initiatives.
    •    Work closely with Development and Property Management teams to carry out evaluation of environmental performance (energy, carbon, water and waste) of our asset portfolio.
    •    Develop and implement energy management plans, strategy and targets to enhance building environmental performance for business units.
    •    Conduct energy audits and assessments to identify energy efficiency opportunities and solutions for operating assets and new developments.
    •    Analyse energy usage data and identify trends, patterns and opportunities for energy conservation and cost savings.
    •    Collaborate with cross-functional teams, including Property Management, Asset Management and operational on-site teams to implement energy efficiency projects.
    •    Monitor and analyse energy consumption, identifying deviations from expected performance and implementing corrective actions.
    •    Conduct feasibility studies for renewable energy projects, such as solar panels, LED lighting and energy sensors and oversee their implementation.
    •    Prepare and present reports, including energy consumption data, cost savings, and environmental impacts to the leadership team and stakeholders.
    •    Stay up to date with energy regulations, codes of practise and standards, ensuring compliance and identifying opportunities for improvement.
    •    Develop and deliver training programmes to raise awareness and educate employers and tenants/residents on energy conservation practices.

Job Requirements

•    Bachelor’s degree in energy management, environmental sustainability or relevant studies.
•    Minimum 5-7 years’ experience in a real estate business setting with a focus on sustainability, energy management, auditing or related field.
•    Experience of energy management systems, such as Building Management Systems (BMS) and Building Energy Management Systems (BEMS).
•    Pan-European experience of utilities management/procurement would be desirable.
•    Ability to analyse complex energy data and develop energy consumption models.
•    Certified Energy Manager, Green Mark Accredited Professionals or equivalents would be favourable