Vice President / Senior Manager, Group Property Management (Based in Singapore)

Employment Type:  Permanent
Location:  Singapore

The Role


You will lead in the areas of property management frameworks and processes, development and innovation as part of the Group Property Management Team. The task is to grow the Group Property Management (GPM) responsibility to interface and work with regional property teams globally to ensure consistency with the group’s frameworks, processes and applications. In the course of this work, relevant technology frameworks and digital processes will be adopted to increase the efficiencies and productivity of our property managers. Exposure and experience to digital technologies and their application in operational processes is a must.

Job Responsibilities


  • Interface with global property teams, understand their challenges and provide advisory to support
  • Advise and help evaluate property management projects and service contracts
  • Advise regional property teams on the correct processes and policies to be adopted as part of Mapletree group requirements
  • Periodic monitoring and reviewing of policies and systems to ensure relevancy, and initiate changes where necessary to improve the property management processes and procedures
  • Ensure the provision of building services by ground teams meet the required legal standards and best practices taking cognisance of local and environmental factors and relevant laws
  • Develop and establish good communication and relationship with global/regional property teams
  • Strategic planning and development on property management matters for Mapletree as a group
  • Have a system level understand and execute system thinking in the process of developing requirements for property management systems, including being able to understand ground processes quickly, determine deficiencies and propose solutions
  • Conduct market survey of new and relevant property management technologies and new ‘ways’ of doing things, including adoption of digital processes
  • Identify areas to propose and conduct Proof-of-Concepts of new processes and technologies
  • Provide guidance and expertise to the team on the ground in resolving issues, provide solutions for challenges faced, and ensure overall compliance with regulatory requirements such as Workplace Safety & Health Act, etc.
  • Reporting and ‘selling’ of new concepts and ideas to gain management and stakeholder support together with ROI calculations and cost/benefit analyses

Job Requirements


  • Degree in Building / Real Estate / Facilities Management or a related Engineering discipline
  • At least 8 years of relevant experiences and knowledge of all phases of property management, as well as overseeing procurement of property management services OR at least 8 years of relevant experiences in running operations and conducting digital transformation adoption
  • Experienced in strategic management coupled with process and operations digitalization are extremely advantageous
  • Willing and excited to learn, have good experience and EQ in dealing with local and overseas colleagues
  • Have good leadership and communications skills, including being able to prepare good PowerPoint presentations
  • Possess sound knowledge of building M&E systems, with experiences in monitoring Building Management Systems (BMS) and Building Automation Systems (BAS)
  • Strong computer skills and literacy including being proficient in MS Office Applications (Word, PowerPoint and Excel) and SAP
  • Ability to be ready 24/7 and to create initiatives, manage operations and manage projects simultaneously in a fast-paced environment